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Who Is Gemini Group
Global Corp.?

We are a newly formed Nevada Corporation based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Company’s primary business in the development, ownership, and distribution of e-liquid, vaporizers, and Mods. With the recent partnership of Royal Vapour, Gemini Group Global Corp. (OTCPK:GMNI) focuses on opening a number of vapor retail stores over the next two years as well as begin heavily selling on an online presence. Although, the bulk of the business is to focus in the wholesale market in the rapidly growing “Vaping” sector of the global marketplace.

Gemini Group Global Corp. and Royal Vapour have teamed up for the purpose of entering into a strategic alliance for the purpose of growing together in the electronic cigarette and vapor world. Royal Vapour has agreed to give Gemini Group Global Corp. rights to distribute the e-liquid line already in the market. Gemini Group Global Corp. and Royal Vapour are also partners in creating a new Bootleg elixir line of e-liquid as well as the production and distribution of Mods.

Gemini Group Global Corp. has issued a sizable amount of shares of the company to Royal Vapour along with a commitment of raising up a sizable investment into the new company line. The funds would be for growing the business in the categories above. As the company grows and the revenue reflects such, Gemini Group Global Corp. will raise additional funds for continued growth.

Gemini Group Global Corp. Data Sheets

GMNI Fact Sheet 1

GMNI Fact Sheet 2

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Revenue from e-cigarettes are expected to double this year to over $1 billion and up to $1.7 billion by some estimates.


An estimated 43.8 million people, or 19 percent of all adults in the U.S., smoke electronic cigarettes, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Global Market

Over 500,000 people in France use e-cigarettes daily. By mid-2013, there were one million e-cigarettes users in the U.K.

What Exactly Is An E-Cig?

No smoke. No tar. No ash. No smell. Just satisfaction!

An e-cig is an electrical device that simulates the act of tobacco smoking by producing an inhaled vapor bearing the physical sensation, appearance, and often the flavor and nicotine content of inhaled tobacco smoke.

The devices use heat (or in some cases, ultrasonics) to vaporize a liquid solution into an aerosol mist, similar to the way a nebulizer or humidifier vaporizes solutions for inhalation. Satisfaction is delivered without smoke, smell or tar.

History Of Electronic Cigarettes

Joseph Robinson filed a patent for the first “Electric Vaporizer” in 1927. Here’s an excerpt from the original document:“My invention relates to vaporizing devices for holding medicinal compounds which are electrically heated to produce vapors for inhalation, and to provide a device for individual use which may be freely handled without any possibility of being burned.” – Joseph Robinson, May 3, 1927, New York. While this device wasn’t invented as a tobacco alternative, its design is very similar to the more modern e-cigs. We think Mr. Robinson deserves some credit!

In 1965, Herbert A. Gilbert’s patent was officially issued by the USPTO “The present invention relates to a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette to provide a safe and harmless means for smoking by replacing burning tobacco with heated, moist, flavored air. Another object is to provide an article of manufacture resembling a cigarette by which air may be drawn through a porous substance of a cartridge which has been moistened with a chemically harmless flavoring preparation, heated by a suitable heating element. A further object is to suitably raise the temperature of the inhalant mixture, so that it may approximate that of cigarette smoke. A further object is to insulate the heat source so that the ‘cigarette’ may be held in the fingers without discomfort to the user’s hand.” -Herbert A. Gilbert

E-liquid and vaporizorsIn 2004, Hon Lik’s first patent was officially issued by the USPTO, placing the first modern e-cigarette into the market. “The present invention relates to an electronic atomization cigarette which contains nicotine without harmful tar. The electronic atomization cigarette includes a shell and a mouthpiece… The advantages of the present invention include smoking without tar, significantly reducing the carcinogenic risk. Furthermore, users still feel as if they are smoking and experiencing the same excitement, and the cigarette is no need to be lit and is no fire risk.”-Hon Lik

In 2007-2008, Electronic cigarettes became available in the United States. One of the first American debuts was at the American Tobacco Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada where the e-cig won multiple awards.

Safe Harbor Statement

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